Preparing Your Garden for Planting

The time has come!  Have you been dreaming about your garden all winter?  Although it is not time to plant, there are a few garden tasks that can get you outside enjoying fresh air and sunshine. By putting in a few hours of work early on in the season, you will drastically decrease the amount of time required to maintain your garden and increase the time you have to sit with a drink enjoying it.  Complete these five errands and your yard will be ready for all the endeavors you have planned to create your summer oasis.

  1. Yard Debris – Through the fall and winter yard debris tends to build up.  Fall leaves, branches, and pinecones need to be gathered.  It is also the time to prune any dead branches or perennials to make way for new growth.  If you are pruning trees or shrubs, be sure to wait until after your flowering shrubs have bloomed before pruning.  Also, take care when raking in the garden.  Rake lightly with a fan rake to avoid disrupting established perennials and garden bulbs.
  2. Lawn – To promote a healthy green lawn, rake out the dead thatch that is covering new growth.  It is imperative that you do this before re-seeding and fertilizing, as the thatch will prevent anything that you add from getting to where you want it.
  3. Healthy Soil = Healthy Garden – Adding a nutrient rich 3-Way Mix or Manure to your garden will require a little work, but you will reap the long-term benefits throughout the season.  By adding new soil around the base of plants and mixing it into the existing soil you will decrease the need to fertilize with non-organic products, keep your plants healthy, and create a desirable habitat for earthworms.  Earthworms are always good to have in the yard because they help aerate the soil.  If you are living in the Georgetown area, it wouldn’t hurt to mix in a bag or two of peat or sand to break up your clay soil.
  4. Weeding – I know… I know…. We all hate to weed!  By weeding early in the season when undesirable garden guests are just getting settled, you will be ahead of the game.  This will clean up your beds and make room for your desired annuals and perennials.  To assist in decreasing the need for future weeding cover beds with mulch or bark chips.  This additional layer to your bed will help keep the moisture in and the weeds out.
  5. Brag – Brag to your neighbors and friends that you have your yard is ready and waiting for the warm weather.

Remember, although warm spring days may tantalize and temp you to get out and plant we still run the risk of frost well into May.  We wouldn’t want you to put money and effort into your garden, only to have it spoiled by a touch of frost.

Get Your Garden Ready……. We Can’t Wait to See You!!!!